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Shandong Xinhai Mining Technology and Equipment Co., Ltd. is mining bll mill manufacturer which is majoring, researching and designing. Our production includes gold extraction equipment, vibrating screen, crushing, hydrocyclone and other mining machine equipments. Xinhai gold extraction equipment--high efficiency, easy to plug the screen, and the screen surface angle adjustable.Xinhai mining machine manufacturer is trustworthy.

Xinhai focused on the golde extraction equipment and other processing mining equipment R & D, design since 1993. We have a professional team, first-class technology, innovative technology, our vibrating screen equipments with strict quality assurance. We are actively studying science and technology, continuous technological innovation, learn from foreign advanced technology experience, improve their lack of equipment, to meet different customer needs, achieve superior quality of mine shaker.

What you need is what we can do!Welcome to xinhai mining machine manufacturer.

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Ball Milling Machine

Gold extraction equipment is primary products of Xinhai mining machine manufacturers. It is high efficiency, easy to plug the screen, and the screen surface angle adjustable, trustworthy mineral processing equipment screening machine. Among them, as well as gold extraction equipment, vibrating screen and crushing, hydrocycone and other processing equipment of gold. In order to meet customer demand, Xinhai provide you with broken equipment, processing machinery, better integration services.

  • Gold extraction equipment

    Xinhai gold extraction equipment can efficiently seperate gold and gangue by all slime cyanidation(CIP) method, it will bring low cost and high benifits.

  • Vibrating screener

    Vibratory screener is a very widely used mine shaker, generally used for smaller diameter particles are sieved.

  • Crushing

    Yantai Xinhai has been engaged in production and sales of crushing equipment for more than 20 years.